Andrea Bunyevich
PO Box 1444
St Kilda South VIC 3182
Mobile: 0402 018 123

“ we're first in the 'cue' for autocue services ”

Just give us the script via email, memory stick or hard copy and we'll manage it from there.

We format the script and arrange all autocue equipment to suit the presentation. We work closely with the producers, script writers, and presenters to ensure that the script is finalised and ready to roll. If further script changes need to be made during the read, we can do them quickly and easily.

We monitor the words closely as we scroll the script, so producers can rest assured that the autocue operator is also checking for errors or stumbles.

Our aim is to help the presenter deliver their lines smoothly and naturally, whether they're experienced or new to using an autocue. If the presenter needs coaching, we're able to suggest techniques that can improve their performance.

After the presentation, any changes made in the autocue are saved and the final script is given to the producer use during post-production.

0402 018 123